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NARA leads the investment in Biointaxis

The Spanish start-up has closed a round to finance trials with AAV-gene therapy, so far, the only existing treatment that is aimed at curing this rare disease.

Biontaxis advances in its treatment against Friedreich's ataxia. The Spanish company has given entry to GP Pharma and Nara to its capital and has the objective of advancing in its treatment against this disease, as confirmed by Antoni Matilla, CEO of the company.

AAV-gene is the only treatment that exists against Friedreich's ataxia, an inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system. So far, the company has received the validation of its product in the preclinical phase by conducting tests with mice. The next phases of the tests will be carried out in monkeys and, if approved at this stage, they will be carried out in humans: the last step before being placed on the market.

Biontaxis has received the preclinical phase validation of its product by carrying out tests with mice. Biontaxis has protected its product for twenty years with a registered patent

Biontaxis is expected to be able to start trials with non-human primates in the coming months, according to the company's CEO.

In addition, with the aim of securing what is considered a "unique market position", since Friedreich's ataxia currently has no cure, the Catalan company has protected its product for twenty years with a registered patent.

Biointaxis was born in 2018 as a company that emerged from the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute, in Badalona (Barcelona).


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