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We invest in companies with a purpose to solve global problems.


Nara is an investment company with the purpose of making a positive difference in the society and environment


We invest in the health sector, in the process of growth and transformation, supporting disruptive startups in Biopharma and HealthTech. 


We promote this paradigm shift by providing capital and operational capabilities to companies that seek to cure diseases at unprecedented speeds and costs and revolutionize health systems by putting the patient at the center.​


Just as information technologies have changed the world, biotechnology is about to change every aspect of our lives.

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We invest in sustainable infrastructures, with the aim of accelerating the transformation of the energy sector towards a Net-Zero world.


Sustainability has always been part of our value system and is an integral part of our investment strategies, processes and management of our assets.


We invest in the origination and development of new projects in photovoltaic solar, wind, hydrogen and storage.


We invest for the long term because building successful, resilient businesses can lead to better returns and economic growth.

We seek to drive economic growth and make a positive impact, now and for the generations to come.

We do this by supporting extraordinary people and capital to help companies solve ambitious problems, allowing our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.

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Our offices


Av. Diagonal 534, 3p

08006 Barcelona


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