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FONDICO multiplies NARA Health fund

The ICO invests 750 million euros by selecting 15 private equity funds that will channel 1,653 million euros to Spanish companies. NARA HEALTH is among the managers chosen for the technology transfer category.

It is the largest amount allocated since the creation of Fond-ICO Global and will boost the growth of Spanish companies at all stages, contributing to strengthen the economic recovery.

Thanks to the public-private collaboration, the investment made by Fond-ICO Global will have a multiplier effect, mobilizing at least 1,653 million euros in Spanish companies, 35% more than in the previous call.

A record of participation has been reached with 24 managers, among which NARA has been selected.

NARA HEALTH PARTNERS has been selected by Fond-ICO to promote technology transfer start-ups in the health sector, in the field of biopharma and healthtech.

The fund's promoters Joan Mercadal, Daniel Oliver and Josep Magdalena have extensive experience in technology transfer and investments in the health sector. The main differentiation of the fund is the operational approach to support companies in the early clinical phase, supporting them in decision-making in clinical research, manufacturing, scaling and commercialization of their solutions.

The NARA team relies on a network of industry experts to complement this support throughout the life cycle of companies.

Fond-ICO will invest up to 20 million euros in NARA HEALTH FCR, a sign of the ICO Group's commitment to promoting the financing of technology-based startups and SMEs.


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