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We seek to drive economic growth and make a positive impact, now and for the generations to come.


We invest for the long term because building successful, resilient businesses can lead to better returns and economic growth.


We do this by using extraordinary people and capital to help companies solve ambitious problems, allowing our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.


Our principles underpin everything we do with our investors, continuously working for betterresults.

Our principles guide us in the judgments, decisions and actions we take every day to have a positiveimpact.


Our principles provide our employees with the environment they need to fulfill their potentials as professionals andpeople.


Results Driven - Excellence

We believe we must strive for excellence in everything we do. We set high standards, and then consistently try to exceed them. We attract self-motivated, highly capable, results-oriented people and invest heavily in their development.


People Driven - Passion

Our focus on impact and results would not be possible without passion. We show pride, enthusiasm, and energy in everything we do. We are passionate about our people. We recognize others’ contribution and celebrate success.


We have passion for what we do, being determined to be the best at doing what matters most. We’re passionate about providing the highest quality product and service for our customers, investors and capital partners.


Impact Driven - Commitment

We always strive to do the right thing. We are committed to responsibility because we want to take care of our consumers, customers and employees, as well as the environment and the communities in which we operate. We take this personally and always do what we say we will do.


Community Driven - Passion

When stakeholders experience collaborating with us, we want them to feel the difference and get uncommon solutions and results. We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality results through continuous improvement and flawless execution.


excellent people are the key to achieving our vision. We employ a motivated, team-spirited workforce, and create a dynamic atmosphere in which employees may flourish and reach theirhighest potential.


We see the inherent value in every individual and strive to create acollaborative, open working environmentwhere every team member is expected to contribute. We form long lasting, trusted relationships through mutual respect, loyalty, community involvement, and support that extend beyond our job responsibilities.


We celebrate diversity by showing genuine interest, regard, and appreciation for different people, approaches and styles, as we know ourcollective experience affords us a competitive edge.


Team Work

Teamwork is at the heart of how we operate. We continually look to help one another and work together towards common goals. We know from experience that we can achieve much more collectively than any of us could individually.



We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo.


We are committed to the pioneering spirit because it created us and still drives us as a business. It gives us the passion for winning and for creating a better future. It means that we are always willing to take intelligent risks.


Simply put, we are pioneers who have an enterprising spirit and an unwavering determination to advance what is right and worthwhile. We think big and are bold in driving towards new horizons.



We seek continually to understand and align the interests of all stakeholders, and we treat everyone with fairness, compassion, and respect. We believe that “arrogance kills” and has no place at NARA.



We are thoughtful about how we spend our time and energy. While we pursue excellence on the job, we also support each other to live our best lives—pursuing personal projects, spending time with loved ones, and recharging our energy. We are passionate and purpose driven; at the same time, we stay grounded, respect boundaries, and avoid burnout.


Have Fun

A happy work environment means our employees want to stay with us and we can attract the best people. The evidence that fun boosts productivity is compelling. We constantly look for individuals with a positive mindset, that help us achieve our goals with their capacities and attitude.



People do business with people they like and trust. As a relationship-driven firm, we are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term internal and external partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency.



We act on our own initiative, take entrepreneurial responsibility, and pursue our goals with determination. We possess an inner strength that allows us to remain dedicated to our purpose.  We accomplish extraordinary results through determination. We have a determination to make things happen and be the best at what we do.


We do whatever it takes to live up to our commitments. Over the course of a long and complex project, that means fostering a culture of adaptability and creativity.


We understand that it takes resilience and drive to meet the changing demands of our clients, and we are focused on successfully making it to the finish line.

Passion. Trust. Ambition.


Years of experience


Team members





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