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Culture eats capital.

Nara's purpose is to build value accelerating business transformation in impact sectors



We support entrepreneurs who are changing the health paradigm.


Just as information technologies have changed the world, biotechnology is going to change every aspect of our lives.


We support innovation in biology and science.

We invest in the convergence between technology and health.


"Our fear of losing money and not doing the right thing is greater than our fear of missing an opportunity”

Josep Magdalena
Founder & CEO


To the traditional Risk-Return analysis, we add a third vector to our investments, Responsibility, an essential condition for creating long-term value. Our adhesion to the PRI-UN guarantees the fulfillment of our  Responsible Investment Policy.


At an environmental level, we monitor and improve the sustainability indicators of our companies, promoting the circular economy and reincorporating natural resources into the value chain so that they can be reused.  


At a social level, we support key sectors for the community. We invest in the health sector, in the process of growth and transformation. We collaborate with NGOs and educational entities, enabling spaces for today's youth to grow freely and build tomorrow's society.


We build long-term relationships that ensure fair governance: with investors, through our commitment and transparency; with our companies, clients and suppliers, through relationships of trust that generate shared value; with our employees, recognizing a job well done. 


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