We invest to transform,

we accelerate the transition towards a sustainable world.

Nara is an impact investment firm that operates under the principles of responsible investing to generate long-term value in sustainable companies and infrastructure. 


As asset managers, we invest on behalf of third parties. Our fear of losing their money is greater than the fear of losing an opportunity. 

Our investment style consists of value orientation, specialization and trust, applying our investment criteria in a disciplined way. 


We invest to transform the companies into industry leaders. With a hands-on approach, Nara invests in assets enhancing its value with a long term view.

We are a highly experienced team with the patience and tenacity required to see deals through, committing our own money. 


We create value in a sustainable way, investing in a responsible way to generate a positive impact on the community.

We analyze each investment in detail in order to create shared value for our investors, partners, customers, suppliers and workers.  

Please feel free to contact us in case you need more information.