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NARA HEALTH is born to accelerate the paradigm shift in health

Formed by a group of experienced executives from the world of health, investment and private equity, NARA HEALTH focuses primarily on investing in technology transfer startups in the field of healthcare.

NARA HEALTH's investment team is led by its partners Josep Magdalena, Daniel Oliver and Joan Mercadal, with a solid track record in the sector.

With more than 60 years of added experience, the team has successfully invested in more than 70 start-ups in the healthcare field. "We invest in biopharma start-ups at the gates of the clinical phase and health tech from TRL5.

We focus our interest on companies that have just reached the clinical phase or that are at the gates of it to minimize the risks of the investor. And in companies that allow to generate a quick return for the fund, such as gene therapies and medical devices.", says Joan Mercadal.

"In addition to offering risk-adjusted returns for our investors, our companies are changing the paradigm in the healthcare field. The convergence between technology and biology is allowing a new way of approaching diseases, moving from treatment to cure and enabling personalized medicine," says Daniel Oliver.

"From NARA HEALTH, we are very excited to contribute to closing the investment gap in order to accelerate technology transfer and transform ideas and innovation into business realities," adds Josep Magdalena.

Nara HEALTH partners have incorporated into the fund's decision process the knowledge and experience of more than 20 professionals of recognized prestige in the field of health, through a Council of Experts.


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