Nara Health

We back purpose driven entrepreneurs who are reimagining healthcare. Just like IT has changed the world Biotech is on the precipice of changing every aspect of our lives.

We are at the beginning of a new era, Bio today is where information technology was some decades ago: on the verge of changing everything. It is vertiginously touching every aspect of our lives. Just like software biology will one day become part of every industry.

Nara Health aims to accelerate this transformation backing purpose-driven companies who are  reimagining healthcare through cutting-edge science. 


We support groundbreaking innovation in biology and science. Advanced therapies (ATMPs) are developing new drugs based on genes, cells and tissues creating a completely new paradigm in biopharma. With a radically new approach, these therapies make it possible to treat and potentially cure diseases at unprecedented speed and cost.

Health Tech

We support disruptive innovation in health technology that improves the lives of people suffering from a wide range of diseases. In its many forms, innovation in robotics, bioprinting, remote monitoring, and other disruptive technologies are improving people's quality of life and revolutionizing healthcare systems.



Aortyx is a pioneer company focused on developing new medical devices for vascular repair. Its mission is to deliver the best available treatments to patients with the most advanced available technology. Aortyx is a spin-off from the IQS School of Engineering and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Angarus Therapeutics

Angarus is developing small molecule checkpoint inhibitors that can initiate cytotoxic T-cell infiltration in immunologically cold tumors. Angarus has developed a pipeline of best-in-class ENPP1 inhibitors which demonstrate impressive anti-tumor activity, both alone and in combination with other agents.


Biointaxis developes a gene therapy treatment for Friedreich´s ataxia, a rare inherited, progressive, neurodegenerative disease that typically affects teenagers and young adults.