Our fear of losing money and not doing the right thing is greater than our fear of missing an opportunity

Risk - Return - Responsibility

To the traditional risk-return analysis, we add in our investments a third vector, the Responsibility. We believe that we can only fulfill our fiduciary duty with investors if we pay attention to our social duty with the community.

We invest in companies and assets that have a real and measurable impact on the environment and society, an indispensable condition for creating long-term value. Adherence to the PRI-UN guarantees compliance with our Responsible Investment Policy.

Environmental Impact

Environmental, Social and Governance criteria are spindles that define our investment policy. Not only do they apply across the investment process, but they are also essential elements of our funds.

At the environmental level, we invest in companies with the aim to enhance sustainability, avoiding the linear economy model of take-make-dispose and reintroducing resources into the value chain.

Social Impact

On a social level we invest to have a positive impact on the society. We create and keep jobs by investing in sectors that are under-served by most funds, because they are labor and capital intensive. In particular, we accelerate via Nara Health the change of paradigm in the healthcare industry. 

Governance is understood at three levels: (1) with investors, through our commitment and transparency; (2) with our companies, their clients and their suppliers, through long-term relationships that generate value for all the actors involved; (3) with our employees, recognizing the job well done. We collaborate with educational entities, granting scholarships, enabling spaces for today's youth to grow freely and build tomorrow's society.