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NARA invests in Aortyx

Aortyx closes an investment round of €2.4M through Capital Cell, with the support of NARA

Aortyx, the spin-off of the Institut Químic de Sarrià and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, has raised 2.4 million euros in its second round of investment. This capital injection, obtained through the investment platform Capital Cell, has had investors of great relevance, such as NARA Capital and Medex Partners, as well as investors from the first round who have continued to rely on the startup.

The startup is creating a novel patch for the treatment of minimally invasive aortic dissections. The purpose of Aortyx and this device is to reduce the mortality of those suffering from this disease and improve their quality of life.

The startup has designed a novel patch-shaped system for the treatment of aortic dissections.

NARA has placed its trust in Aortyx for two reasons. On the one hand, for the innovation they are carrying out to disruptively solve endovascular problems. And on the other, by the great team of the startup, which knows how to solve the problems involved in a project of these characteristics.

The co-founder and CEO of Aortyx, Jordi Martorell, aims to launch this innovative product on the market in order to save all possible lives. On the other hand, it aims to raise awareness in Spain about aortic diseases through the organization Think Aorta. First focus on Spain, and then on Latin America.

The company had also been funded by the European Commission, EITHealth, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the CDTI and Enisa. It is worth mentioning that Aortyx had financial support before creating the company, from FIPSE, Fundación la Caixa with the CaixaResearch Validate program and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Specifically, Aortyx is dedicated to the design of patches to repair the aorta in a minimally invasive way. These patches are glued over the damaged artery to plug the wound. The technology of the device seeks to simulate the original aortic tissue and obtain a better integration and regeneration of the tissue.

The patch is bioabsorbable, that is, it promotes healing, regeneration of the vessel and complete recovery from damage. As for aortic dissection, it has a mortality rate that can reach 50% depending on the damage caused.


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